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How do I restart the app when it's not functioning correctly? toggle
If you experience any problems with the app, please use the following steps to close or restart the app.

1. Double-click the Home button.
2. Swipe the preview of the app you want to close upwards. If you have many apps running, swipe left or right to find the app.
3. Click the Home button to close the multi-task screen.
4. Start the app again.

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App does not start or crashes toggle
If LINE is unable to start or closes suddenly (crashes), please try the following.

1. Update the app.
Issues may occur on older versions of the app. Please update to the latest version.

2. Restart your device.
Some issues are resolved by restarting your device. Steps may differ for each device. Please see your user manual for details.

3. Update your OS.
Issues may occur on older OSes. Please check if your OS has been updated to the latest version using the steps below.

iOS: Go to your device’s Settings > General > Software Update.

4. Check your network connection.
Please check if your device is properly connected to the network using your browser.

5. Delete unnecessary apps and data from your device.
The device may not function properly if there is not enough storage space left. Please delete any unnecessary apps or data.

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How to contact us if you are having problems with LINE toggle
Many problems can be solved from our Help articles. Before contacting us, please read the relevant articles on our Help page.


If the problem is not resolved from our Help page, please contact us via the Problem Report Form.

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