¿Puedo utilizar LINE Pay en establecimientos afiliados fuera del país? toggle

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You can make My Code payments outside of Japan at stores that have the LINE Pay logo.
- Only a registered credit card can be selected as a payment method for LINE Pay overseas.
- You cannot use LINE Points or coupons at overseas merchants.

When having your QR code/barcode scanned at the register:
 • The barcode generated will be for making transactions in the country that is detected using your device's location.
 • You can select your country manually by tapping the flag icon at the bottom of the My Code payment screen if the country does not automatically change.

When scanning a merchant's QR code:
 • Make your payment by selecting the credit card registered to your LINE Pay account.

Important: At this time, people visiting Japan cannot make payments with LINE Pay at Japanese LINE Pay merchants. We are working hard to make more payment methods available as soon as possible.

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¿Qué son los Reportes? toggle
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The Usage Report page lets you view and manage your use of LINE Pay (e.g. income, expenses) by calendar date or in a breakdown.

You can also link apps like LINE Kakeibo to manage other financial services by going to the LINE Pay main menu and tapping Finance Apps.

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Quiero configurar mis Reportes toggle
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Go to the LINE Pay main menu and tap Usage Report > Calendar or History, then select a transaction. The following customization options are available.

• Edit your categories
Income and Expenses are automatically selected as the initial categories. You can edit the categories by tapping them.

• Omit transactions
Check the Omit from reports option on a transaction to omit it and any future transactions with similar patterns from being compiled in your reports. These transactions will appear crossed out under the History tab.

• Write memos
Enter memos about your transactions at the bottom of the screen to keep track of important information.

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