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Live streams are monitored by LINE LIVE staff 24/7. If a user's actions are determined to fall under any of the following activities prohibited on LINE LIVE, penalties will be imposed. This includes deleting posts, restricting the posting feature, and suspending accounts.

Insulting or violent remarks, disrupting live streams, or other harmful acts
• Acts interfering with streams or hindering them from being viewed
• Acts insulting the streamer
• Any acts encouraging or leading to self-injury or suicide

Acts offending other users
• Any act which violates the law
• Acts notifying of, bragging about, or clearly promoting illegal activities
• Obscene remarks or acts
• Posts violating human rights, including discriminatory remarks
• Abusive comments about the content of a live stream

Indecent activities
• Live streams or comments made for the purpose of meeting other users outside of the LINE LIVE app or matchmaking
• Live streams or comments made for the purpose or promotion of sexually explicit services
• The solicitation of any other indecent acts

Obscene text, images, or videos
• Posting explicit text, images, or video that has sexual connotations
Note: Broadcasts or comments about sexual acts will be deleted.

Publishing personal information
• Minors posting their own personal information
• Posting a third party's personal information
• Collecting a third party's personal information, or broadcasts/comments which indicate a wish to exchange personal details with a third party
• Disclosing or requesting a third party's personal information
Note: Personal information includes phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

Rights infringements
• Acts infringing on others' portrait rights or copyrights
• The posting of text, images, or video produced by a third party

Other prohibited activities
• Acts impersonating or posing as another user or LINE administrator
• Acts guiding other users to websites which are deemed harmful by the administrator
• Ignoring users’ intentions and repeatedly posting spam comments to others
• Other activities which are deemed to be disruptive or which interfere with the management of the service
Note: Prohibited acts and the penalties incurred are subject to change without prior notice.

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